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Dedicated 5st generation Accord online comunity & online import parts Store

Please feel free to explore our site or join our community today! While Gen5Alive's primary focus is the 1994-1997 Honda Accord, our site and memberbase is open to all vehicle owners. From import to domestic and beginner to seasoned automotive tuner, there is a place for everyone to feel welcomed and empowered to participate.
Please note that although constructive criticism is welcomed, it is the general feeling and nature of the site to support individuality and to abstain from outright derogatory remarks. You may not like what someone did to their vehicle but that is why it is their vehicle, turnabout being fairplay, they may not like what you did to yours...
In understanding this basic guideline, we respectfully welcome you to the community, Gen5Alive

About us

Originally started on the 25th of February in 2006 by Kevin Murase who resides in Huntington Beach, California; Gen5alive was started as a small enthusiest website. The concept of the site was to provide a niche community for all 1994-1997 Honda Accord owners which would facilitate open discussion about all matters pertaining to this vehicle.
The 5th generation Honda Accord carried a Chassis code of CD5, CD6, CD7, CD8, CE1 and others depending upon what region of the world they were retailed in. Ironically the same chassis was used in the Suzuki Aska while a modified version of this chassis also carried over to the Honda Ascot as well. Kevin developed a certain passion for this vehicle as it was "the perfect balance between space and grace" as he called it. The often sharp lines of the car matched to a seemingly "transparent" vehicle interior suited Kevin's tastes perfectly as there was enough room to comfortably fit 4 friends and still have enough room to carry groceries or sound system in the trunk.
While no public advertising via TV or Radio media it is no surprise that Gen5alive has seen periods of growth capturing audiences worldwide. Often being found through such search sites as Yahoo!, Google, Altavista and other related sites such as Wikipedia the addition of new members on a daily basis helps to keep content fresh and exciting. As audience size grew and memberbase increased Kevin saw the rising need to fulfill member requests for stickers bearing the "Gen5alive.com" name. The site stickers now available in Silver, Blue, White, Red and the flagship digitally printed Black decals can now be found adourning vehicles worldwide. Having fulfilled the need to get site stickers produced for audiences worldwide and through countless more hours of modification Kevin saw the need for something more. There was something missing and at first glance Kevin could not place his finger on it though after much discussion it was clear that the missing element was availability of parts. It was then through some careful investigating and long hours of calls and contacts that Gen5alive has grown to include a parts store which caters specifically to this vehicle and an onsite image gallery for its members for all their image hosting needs.

Site staff

Gen5alive as a site requires an introduction to be made as the first few posts by any new member in order to provide a doorway into it's "G5A" Community. While many would pose the question "Why make an introduction on a car forum" Kevin responded to this inquiry by clearly stating "It is the goal of Gen5alive to provide a close knit community where members are more than just a screen name or text on a screen. I find it much easier for people to respond back and forth when they have some idea of who they are responding to. I think all too often on this technological wonder called the internet that it is too easy to get lost in it and post the first thing that comes to one's mind. Introductions are made to faciliate a meet and greet type of scenario both for the new member and the existing members." Through having this type of philosophy and vision for Gen5alive the site has gained a small handful of dedicated members worldwide and continues to grow and develop today.
While not focusing on automotive disussions all the time, Gen5alive places a certain emphasis on member lifestyle as well. It is through member lifestyle and non automotive discussion (Off topic discussions) that Gen5alive brings out the best in it's diverse memberbase. A few of the topics found in the member lifestyle forums include; Food and recipe which discusses creative homemade creations by members, Computers and gaming in order to provide entertainment and techie talk, Cell phone and wireless to cover our daily communition needs and discussions and many more including Rants and Raves forum for all of our frustrating daily lives when we need to vent to a friend or to a group that we associate with.
So after having read this brief history about the origins and a little about the staff, and some more about the vehicle and staff; why not join and make YOUR OWN Introduction today and be welcomed into a new lifestyle, The Gen5 Lifestyle.
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